Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After the storm.

We had a storm roll through over the weekend. DR and I were watching the radar closely, not for tornadoes, but for cloud seeding!!! We are pretty sure we saw evidence the planes may have been up in the air during the storm. Crazy people!!

Anyway, as the storm was coming to an end I stepped out to take some pictures.

Lovely silhouettes!

Look! It's wet!! My garden looked fabulous the next day!

As I turned around to walk back in the house, I was welcomed by a full rainbow! I tried to get a pic of the entire arc but I could barely see it with my naked eye and nothing I did with the camera could get a good image.

I didn't notice until after I took this shot but the whole landscape was black and white except for the sun's reflection in the school's window. Neat!

This little bit of rain was very welcome and sure greened things up the next day but we are still dry and are hoping for some more summer rains like this one in the future.


  1. Knowing what kind of camera you have :), have you ever shoot in RAW and then edited them on the computer? Oh, how I've fallen in love with RAW. Just wondering if your rainbow picture would come out any clearer this way?


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