Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Summer Pet Peeve; Pool Moms

We are spending a lot of time at the town pool this summer. I can justify soaking up the sun because it's a block from the house, most of the Kansas summer has been above 100 degrees and it's never crowded. The kids love it and it's good exercise too. Who doesn't love going to the pool?

What bugs me about going to the pool are the other moms. I mean, we spent three hours there today and out of ten moms there were only about three that ever got into the water with their kids! Okay, I get it....going to the pool is a chance for moms to relax and sit while the kids entertain themselves. But 3 hours?? And never playing with your kids? I like playing with me kids, don't other moms? It's not like these kids are teenagers or anything; they are all elementary age.

It's not like this kids don't want adults in the pool either. I'm in the pool the whole time (because if I'm not on guard Yahoo would jump off the diving board....seriously, she fears nothing)...anyway, every time I get in Yip and Yap want to play sea monster. Sea monster involves Yip and Yap attacking me in an attempt to dunk me. Kinda vigorously too...which I love!  My own kids aren't the only ones to play either. A bunch of other kids are always asking me to watch them jump or swim or flip in the water. Kids ask for help in the deep water and they love splashing the grown up. These kids love adult attention! Moms!!! Get in the water with your kids...THEY WANT YOU THERE!

And don't use that excuse that you look terrible in a bathing suit!! First of all, the rest of the moms look the same way you do. We all have stretch marks, varicose veins, saggy boobs (or in my case no boobs) and chubby butts. Okay, yeah, there's always the lady with at least two kids, no stretch marks and the audacity to wear the yellow bikini in front of the rest of us but be comforted in the fact she's getting way too much sun with all that exposed skin and will break out in terrible wrinkles by the time she's 50. Okay? Get over it, get in the pool. Secondly, your kids don't care how you look. They just want you around and playing with them!  

This issue probably wouldn't bug nearly as much if there wasn't this one mom hadn't been reading the book The Five Love Languages of Children every time we're at the pool. How to show your kids you love them? Ummmm....oh, I don't about spending time with them?? Has our culture gone so much to pot that we have to read a book in order to show our kids that we love them? Hey! Call me old fashioned but my parents spent time with me and told me they loved me and were proud of me and that worked just fine for me!

Okay, rant over. But really why don't moms want to get in the pool with their kids?


  1. I couldn't agree more! Same here, it borders on negligent if you ask me. It's good excersize for a chubby butt (mine) and no sweating....

    yellow-bikini-moms: very funny!

  2. OK Be careful with the 50 year old mom comments. ;-) That's me next year; however, I am not the one to envy at the pool. I have been trying to tell myself that I just need to get over what others think about me in a bathing suit. It truly is not pretty, but my girls love me, and that is what counts most right? We haven't been to the pool yet, but we WILL be going, and I am sure I will be right in there!

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