Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oklahoma City Centennial Land Run Monument

On Memorial Day we also had the chance to see the Land Run Monument in downtown Oklahoma City which was erected for Oklahoma's centennial in 2007. Don't know about the land run? Never seen Tom Cruise's movie Far and Away? Well, read here to catch up on your land run history.

The Land Run Monument begins with a soldier and a cannon, firing the shot to start the run. Twenty-four horses and riders, including a sun-bonneted woman riding sidesaddle, strain for position. A buckboard, two covered wagons, a buggy and a sulky represent some of the many vehicles used in the race. A dog races after a wagon, and a surprised rabbit watches from one side. The 45 figures are 1 1/2 life size and is one of the largest freestanding bronze sculptures in the world. It spans a distance of 365 feet in length by 36 feet in width and over 16 feet in height.

I just loved this sculpture! It was huge and there was no place you could stand where you could adequately take in the action of the entire group. From every angle ther was a new movement and expression and details to discover.

I love the action of this man as he reaches back for his windblown hat.  
Every figure is an individual expressing a unique personality. The contrasting expressions between this couple made me laugh. It's so representative of marriage don't you think?

There were figured tucked into the backs of wagons too.

The best thing about outdoor public sculpture? Touching and climbing it of course! Sometimes that's the only way to fully appreciate the work and detail the sculptor put into a piece.

Every kind of person was represented in this monument. Rich and poor, men and women, the experienced and the naive. A wonderful monument to an amazing event in America's history.

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  1. that looks amazing! I can't even imagine how impressive it would be in person.


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