Monday, June 20, 2011

Marker Monday - Freezer Paper and Paint Fun

A big thank you to my brave friend Melissa who did both of the following projects with a group of toddlers and preschoolers. All the kids LOVED these projects!

First, salad spinner paintings. Melissa picked up this salad spinner at WalMart for about five dollars.

This is so easy and really, for a painting project, it is pretty mess free.

First take some freezer paper and cut into circles to fit, not too snugly, into the bottom of the salad spinner. Place the waxy side down.

Drop in or swirl some piant on the paper, place the lid on and give it a spin.
Hint; it is possible to spin this too fast and the painting will fold up on itself. Don't get too crazy!

Simple and easy but a neat result. Even though Yahoo is only two years old she was able to spin this and create some nice paintings without eating the paint! 

The next project Melissa shared with us were Painted monsters.  

Tear off a large piece of freezer paper and fold it in half to form a nice crease right down the middle. Again, place the shiny waxy side down on the table.

Drop a variety of colors of paint right on the crease staying a couple inches away from the edges of the paper.

Then fold the paper up and push the paint with your fingers away from the crease. Pushing it in different directions (straight, down, diagonally) will make your monster much more interesting.

If it helps break out the rolling pin and using gentle pressure push your paint around.

Unfold your paper for a painted monster.

If you are really in the creative zone you can add monster details once your monster is dry.

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  1. I love this idea! Our boys would be thrilled to use the salad spinner for a "project"!


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