Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Five Things...

5 Things I Enjoyed Today

watching my boys jump off the diving board for the first time
eating oatmeal cookie dough
drinking a lot of iced coffee
 working in my garden, yep, I even enjoyed those weeds
 reading The Tragedies of the Medici (yeah, I'm a nerd that way)

5 Things On My To-Do List (Someday) 

run a marathon and not hire a babysitter to train for it
hike the Grand Canyon with my kids
paint a mural in a public place (hmmm, does a bathroom wall count as public?)
live in a house for at least a decade (that's a biggie!)
visit the Louvre in Paris just to see Michelangelo's David if nothing else

5 Things I would be very happy to not have in my life

Jehovah Witnesses coming to my door
900 miles separating me from my family
plumbing problems
 (I had leak under my kitchen sink the other day and when I pressed on the pipe to find the crack my finger went right through the pipe. Yeah, it was a bit old and rusted.)
Spongebob Squarepants, Barney the Dinosaur or any other equally annoying children's TV character

...okay, I must have a pretty happy life since I could only think of four things for that last list.

How about you? Do you have 5 things?

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  1. I definitely think the bathroom is a public place! Go for it!


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