Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Jack.

Meet Jack.

When Yap was almost three, and still not potty trained, I bought Jack.
Jack could pee in the potty and he was supposed to help Yap with the whole process.
It never really worked though. Jack wasn't much of a teacher. However, Jack and a preschool Yap soon became inseparable.

Now at the age of six, Yap doesn't need to carry Jack around everywhere anymore but he's still Yap's special toy. They sleep together every night.

Poor Jack...it hasn't been easy living with us though.
He's been to the ER for numerous stitches after being pulled, tossed, fought over and loved.
 Just today he had to be stitched up twice.

He's braved it through a couple of reconstructive surgeries too. New stuffing and all and he will probably need another before his days are done. His bright blue terry cloth skin has nearly faded to white and he has become rather thin and fragile.

But Jack has always stayed postive through his trials and ordeals in our household. He's braved moving to new homes with us, has gone to Show and Tell a couple times and has rode along on numerous road trips. With courage he's faced the battle of the washing machine and always lived to play another day.

But I'm afraid Jack won't be able to put up with too much more wild romps. Soon, it may be time for him to retire...I'm sure Jack with handle the separation from us just fine.

Though I can't say this one will handle the loss of Jack quite as well.


  1. Hey jack is a real good friend, and yap also like his company, hope this love remains forever...

  2. God Bless Jack and his creator! It's so great to have a best friend who listens to your every word!


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