Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Garden in Photos.

What a difference a month makes! A month ago we planted a garden. Yes, it was too early but we are finally seeing the results of our patience, some replanting, buying plants and LOTS of watering.

We've watered our garden nearly everyday in the past month. I still don't water it as much as I should. DR usually does the watering. I grew up in humid Indiana and I just keep thinking that I'll drown those poor plants with all the water they get but then I have to remind myself there isn't much moisture in the ground here and not much to expect from the sky. It's unbelievable, the past month, to hear of all flooding in parts of the country yet, here, we are in drought conditions. I think SW Kansas is always in drought conditions. It's hard to keep moisture in the soil when the wind dries out any moisture we might receive. 

Anyway, back to my garden. These aren't the tomatoes we started in the house. Nah, those died!  I can't keep anything alive in the These are from a local greenhouse and boy are they big and sturdy! There are already small tomatoes on a few!!! I'll have Grandma's Tomato Soup before I know it!!

Spinach...I love spinach. I freeze a lot of it.

This is OKRA. I've never grown okra, it's too cold to grow in northern Indiana, so I'm told. I've eaten it twice. I don't even know what it will look like. I've been told it's sticky when you pick it. Okra...a gardening adventure!

These are my rogue cucumbers. They are growing six feet away from where I planted them. I blame the Kansas wind cuz it couldn't be MY fault that they've moved.

Beans!!! Yay! Look how thick they are?
Oh,  fresh beans ham and potatoes I can almost taste you!

We have popcorn too. The boys and I have had so much fun eating popcorn from our own garden the past few years.

And a couple of rogue watermelon. They were supposed to be growing out of that hill behind them. I don't know why we planted watermelons; DR insisted. He used to grow acres of them in southern Indiana when he was a kid. I don't think they'll make it here but DR will probably prove me wrong.

So far it doesn't look like much but there is lots of potential there!!
I'm sure this post was boring to read, if you made it to the end that is! But I'm excited about my little plot of earth.

I love gardening; I think I get it from my dad. I remember how he'd come home from working all day to working in the garden for an hour or so. I never understood when I was a kid why he spent so much time in the garden but now I realize the garden was where he could unwind and relax. And it's become that for me too.


  1. It's been so wet here I would welcome some dryness. So how do you freeze your spinach? Do you puree it and freeze it that way? We are growing some in our garden and we just eat it as salads fresh, but if I could freeze some that would be great.

  2. I never thought of pureeing it. No, I usually just wash and dry it then pack it tightly into freezer bags. Then I pull it out for quiches, lasagnas, etc. I usually chop it a bit while it's still partially frozen.

  3. I would love to have a little garden, and I can't think of anything bettet than popcorn! Is it difficult to grow, I am novice. Any other suggestions for easy beginner plants?

  4. There is so much hope and promise in a new garden. Love it!


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