Monday, May 23, 2011

Fizzing Sidewalk Paint and the Foaminator

We've only been out of school for a week but we've been having a ball enjoying some outside fun. I'm just sharing a couple things, of many, that we've done this week.

A friend of mine sent me a recipe for Fizzing Sidewalk Paint that is so much fun!

Take one box of baking soda and mix in 1/2 cup of cornstarch. Then mix in a cup of hot water and stir. Add food coloring of your choice. Then let it dry, which it does very quickly. The cornstarch/baking soda will want to settle to the bottom of the mixture so continue to stir it up occasionally. You can keep this overnight but you'll have a heck of a chunk waiting to get stirred up the next day. My advice; use it all when you make it. Paint your sidewalk...or your feet...or a wall....

Now the fun part! Let the paint dry and take a spray bottle filled with vinegar and spray your will fizz like a soda pop! Sorry, no good pictures of this. I tried but spraying vinegar and photography is a multitask I haven't yet mastered. Actually I thought this paint was really good paint and a lot of fun without the vinegar.

Next....The Foaminator!!

My friend Melissa made a bunch of these for our toddlers play group. Remember! Don't inhale! The littlest ones in our group had some trouble with this :)

Cut off the bottom of a water bottle and cover with part of an old terry cloth towel or rag. Attach the rag with a rubber band. (I don't know if any other type of fabric will work on this or not. Let me know if you try something different.) Pour a couple tablespoons of dish soap in a bowl with just a little water. Place the towel covered end in the soap. Don't swish it around, just dip it in and pull it out.

Then BLOW!! Instant foam! Actually it looks like frog spawn to me but still fun!


  1. Oh! Can't wait to try this! Love the new blog header!

  2. Great ideas! Little Bear has kindergarten graduation this Thursday, but Tink is in school until June 1. This is going on my Pinterest list! Have you started this latest obsession?

  3. We are out of school too and I need these fun ideas. Can't wait.

  4. This looks like tons of fun! I will definately be surprising our boys with this... if we can ever get through nap time! :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed the Quirky Momma recipe. If you attribute me, I'll include your rendition in my post on people who used the recipe.


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