Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bad Field Trip??

Like most parents, I'm fairly confident in my kids' school and their ability to make wise choices for the welfare of my children. I trust them to keep my kids safe and provide age appropriate activities.

But last week they went on a field trip and when the boys came home and immediately started playing and reenacting certain events they learned about on their field trip, I was a bit concerned. This kind of play didn't seem to be very healthy for six year olds to be engaging in.

They came home and began playing 'Saloon'.

They dug out beer bottles from the recycling, along with the empty Sarsparilla bottles from the museum, and set them up on Yahoo's toy kitchen....and started taking orders. I guess I should just be happy they didn't start a gunfight in the living room huh? But really is 'Saloon' the only thing they learned from their field trip? What kind of tour guides do they have at that place anyway?

Oh, I should probably tell you they went to the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. I haven't been there yet but it's on my summer to do list.

Alright, I'll cut the school some slack this time. I'm sure they did their best. LOL.  And I guess with a local history full of Wyatt Earps, Bat Masteresons and wild cowboys the concept of 'Saloon' is probably a fairly important one.

But still, how many kids come home and play Saloon?


  1. That would be a new one in my house:) lol

  2. at least it was a "social" activity and not a "duel" or a "shoot out". Only worry when they stand back to back and start pacing!


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