Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How does your garden grow?

For now, most of my garden is in a bucket under a light in the house.
We started some tomatoes and I must say they are doing much better than I expected.

Ten days ago we had 90 degree weather here in Kansas and I figured, "Why not get my garden planted?" It's rather a pathetic looking plot isn't it. I'm hoping I can show off a green thumb in another month or so.

But it's only been ten days and I'm already anxious. Why isn't there anything growing?? Shouldn't SOMETHING have sprouted by now? Well, except that poor little squash plant. Really, I started it in the house and then transplanted it in the garden. But then five days after I placed it so lovingly in the soil we had 70 mph winds. Yes, 70 mph winds for a whole day. I'm amazed that little guy is still there. Although nothing was up when all that wind came by it sure didn't help the moisture content of my garden.

Please pray for my garden. Kansas gardening isn't like Indiana gardening.
I'm afraid nothing is going to grow!

On the bright side I have flowers ready to bloom!!
I didn't even know I had flowers at this house.
I think they are irises. Yay! I love irises!!

That's the state of my garden right now. I have the nagging thought that nothing's going to grow. But I think that every year so who knows?


  1. I am jealous! I feel like nothing will grow because we have SNOW on the ground.

  2. They say that farmers are the most patient people because they are always having to wait on things. Think how virtuous you are going to be now. :)

  3. Poor Katie, I keep forgetting there is snow where you are! I sure hope it warms up for you soon.

    Oh Amy, thanks for reminding me to be patient. It's not one of my strong points. Maybe that's why I garden, to improve my patience :)

  4. I envy your tiny little squash plant. I tried to grow vegetables last summer and the only thing that I got out of it was 2 tomatoes. everything else died.

  5. They are iris, and they are in my top three fav flowers! Your garden isn't growing, probably because the ground is still too cool?? We haven't planted anything here yet. Our ground is still cool, and now it's going to be too wet thanks to a week of rain! UGH! or should I say QUACK?????

  6. I always think it's fun to see sprouts poke through the ground. Your iris's look beautiful and I bet you can't wait to see them bloom. What a deep blue color.


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