Saturday, May 7, 2011

The plumbing...

Geez, I never thought blogging about my plumbing problem would elicit so many responses! Everyone keeps wanting to know if my plumbing is fixed.

Yay, our plumbing is fixed though. And with a lot less pain and agony than I feared. The plumber came, the first time, and put some caulk around the bottom of the pipe hoping it was a simple leak. And then commented that if the caulk didn't work he might have to tear up the concrete floor. (So in all reality it's the plumber's fault I freaked out!) 

Why do plumbers say stuff like that? Just to cause an anxiety attack over the weekend when DR couldn't find the problem either? Doctors are like that too..."Oh,'ll go into labor, in a couple days, by this weekend." (Ecstatic me!!!) Then 10 days later when stubborn little Yahoo still wasn't born, "Huh...guess I was wrong." GGGRRRR!!!!

There are just a few situations when professionals shouldn't play with your emotions!!
 Labor and Plumbing. (they are kinda the same when you think about it)

Back to the plumbing. So DR couldn't fix it over the weekend so Mr. Anxiety Causing Plumber shows up a few days later (after I've lugged all the clothes in our house to the laundromat with 3 kids in tow) and straightened out a wire coat hanger, dug around the drain for half an hour and had everything unplugged. Three loads of laundry later and no water on the floor!! Simple and easy...gggrrr. Why couldn't I have figured that out?

Although I'm ecstatic that no concrete was harmed in this process it irks me that the plumber even suggested having to tear it up. Isn't he the professional? Shouldn't he have a better idea about the problem before suggesting something as drastic as tearing up concrete? Shouldn't he know that the thought of a torn up concrete floor and no washer for weeks would put any mother into a state of panic?

*deep breath*

My plumbing problem is fixed, thanks for asking.

My clothesline is full and my world is once again an ocean of calm. (snort) At least until the plumber has to come back around....then I'll just curl up in the fetal postition in my closet until he leaves.


  1. So hear you about thoughtless words thrown out to scare the bejeezus out of you! SERIOUSLY! I think they are in cahoots with the doctors who prescribe "happy pills!"

    Have a Great Mothers Day weekend! It's raining here this morning....sigh.....

  2. I’m glad it’s already fixed now. Maybe the reason why the plumber suggested tearing up the concrete was because it was the easiest way he knew that time. Well, it’s good that he found another way to fix the plumbing issue without tearing up the concrete floor. He should have thought and suggested that to you before, so you wouldn’t panic.

    -Carmella Vancil


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