Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She is One Tough Cookie!

This is my wonderful Grandma B! She's the one of the right. The good looking dude on the left is my cousin. In case you were confused.

 Grandma has a great sense of humor, in case you can't tell by her expression! And she makes the best cookies!! Whenever I go to her house she always has cookies waiting and I always eat enough to make myself sick. Grandma is really young at heart too. She earned her college degree in her late 50's and taught preschool the last few years. Grandma is on Facebook all the time and I know plenty of women her age that won't even try to get on the Internet.

But I'm not writing about her baking abilities or Facebook status today. Grandma has had it pretty tough this year. She's become the caregiver for Grandpa who has Parkinsons and they've had a rough winter dealing with his illness. Grandma has also had other tough family circumstances that she's had to deal with this past year or two but Grandma is a strong lady and doesn't give up!

She showed her strength and resilience over the weekend, or so I'm told. Grandma is back in Indiana and has been a farmers wife for years. Even though Grandpa can't farm anymore there is still a bit of farming that gets done at their place with the help of family. Over the weekend Grandma was helping hitch the disc to the tractor and got her finger smashed. Luckily the ER doctor was able to amputate it and she was back home within a few hours.

When Mom told me about it my first concern for Grandma was not her physical condition. I've known lots of people who've lost fingers and they've healed quickly. No, I was worried about Grandma's spirit. Was she depressed? Was she mourning the loss of her finger?

I should have know better than to worry about such things. Grandma's too tough. In the ER she was more worried if someone was taking care of Grandpa! And she said, "At least I didn't lose my whole hand. It's just a finger; I can live without a finger." She was smiling and chatting when she got home.

Wow Grandma! You are my hero!

Grandma, I wish I could be with you and help you with dishes and making dinner and all that stuff that you are probably doing that you should be taking a break from. But I'm 900 miles away so I'll be with you in spirit.

So Grandma, I present you the Tough Cookie Award!!

You are One Tough Cookie Grandma!

We are so proud of you and know that losing a finger sure won't slow you down one bit. I'm proud to have you as my grandma and I love you! Hang in there!


  1. Grandmas have to have a Superwoman costume one them some where! Go glad she bounced back with a smile and good humor. WOW!~ I can definitely see your sister in your grandma's face! Here's to many more years of inspiration she will bring to you!

  2. Grandma didn't need to worry, Jake was taking care of Grandpa--even helped him go to the bathroom when the power was out!

    Of course she is doing things she shouldn't--as soon as she got home she served everyone tea. I admire her strength and spirit,too.


  3. Oh! Your poor Grandma! But what a brave and inspirational woman. Thanks for sharing the story.


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