Saturday, May 14, 2011

The 2nd Annual Last Day of School Haircut

Last year the boys asked me if they could give each other haircuts.

"Sure!" I said, "But on the last day of preschool." And they proceeded to mow one another's hair until the only remedy was a CLOSE buzz cut.

Yesterday was Yip and Yap's last day of kindergarten and they had planned for a week to continue the tradition and have a last day of school haircut. Yip wanted a Mohawk. Yap just wanted it buzzed close.

And so they began as soon as they got home.

With a bit of guidance Yap started in on Yip's Mohawk.
He's serious too, like Edward Scissorhands.

A clip clip here and a clip clip there....

We did this in the garage where the boys found DR's Jeep mirrors quite handy for checking their progress.....constantly checking their progress.

Yap is just about done with the Mohawk. Don't worry, I'll trim it up so it's at least somewhat even! 

Now Yip's turn to start on Yap. Unfortunately Yap wasn't at all impressed with his brother's barbering skills and soon decided to take over and do his own haircut.

What a handy mirror that Jeep has!

He got a whole lot cut off despite the fact he couldn't see what he was doing!

With a few quick swipes from my clippers....

....two pretty presentable summer haircuts. Mohawk and all! How long will it be, do you think, before they want to start dyeing their hair on the last day of school?

What is your end of school traditions?


  1. Hi PM! This is a delightful story that hits close to home (see FB RN comment about my granddarling). I did not know about your blog page - I love it. We love seeing your photos and we miss you.


  2. Mater and road warrior both say the last day of school ritual was to burn the school papers, especially spelling tests.


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