Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kids and Chess

Chess is the new hobby in our house.
The boys have enjoyed playing against one another. We are still learning to be gracious losers however.

Yap even checked out a library book all about chess. I'm learning quite a bit of strategy. I know how to castle and some offensive maneuvers. So much that I even beat my husband at a game the other night!
 Woo Hoo!

Yap (the one in the hood) is my big game player. It's taken quite a bit of talking for him to convince Yip (in stripes) to play too. Yahoo wants to play but she just wants to take all the pieces off the board. After a few minutes of her "help" the boys start threatening to tie her to a chair.  

Did you know chess originated in India? Me neither. I always thought it came from Europe.

When I was growing up, with 6 brothers and sisters, we played lots of games. We played chess too but after my little brother, Mountain Man 13 years younger than me, started beating me on a regular basis I gave it up. I can't remember most of the games we had but my favorite was a geography map/trivia game that would take hours to play. Then there was a really fun game that had orange and green pieces like checkers but was a big on strategy. Hmmm, I wonder if my mom still has some of them.
What kind of games do you play?


  1. Sorry, some of the games from Mom's got passed on a year or two ago. We have a few I can send you if you want.

    Also, do you remember "Brain drain" from pictionary?

    Marvel Man

  2. No problem Marvel Man.

    Brain Drain was a wonderful drawing and it wasn't my fault that I was playing Pictionary with people who didn't have the visual skills to put the two words together!

    Okay, rant over.

  3. I still have the geography game, but can't find the one with the orange and green pieces. I thought I still had it. I still have a lot of others. Dad and I have a Scrabble game going that we started keeping score on, on New Year's Day. We plan on keeping a running score until Dec. 31.

    Love MOM

  4. Hmmm...a whole year of Scrabble? DR and I might divorce over that. We tend to disagree over the rules :) Good luck Mom, hope you win. Maybe I can snag that geography game the next time we come home.

  5. As far as "Brain Drain" goes, we were playing with someone who puts far too much detail in the simple things in life.


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