Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Garden is GROWING!!!


Only 3 1/2 weeks later I finally have some growth in my garden. Some beans have finally sprouted.

I've had to water my garden everyday which has just been weird for me. Kansas is awfully dry. Not like my home state of Indiana that is too wet to plant anything right now. I hope you dry out soon Hoosiers!

Arent' they pretty? A whole mess of em' are coming up! I love fresh green beans from the garden. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Now if only it will stay warm for a while maybe something else we start growing too. I'm giving the rest of my garden ONE more week. (Do you hear that garden?)  If nothing else starts growing I'm going to till it up and start again! .....woo, patience...not one of my strengths!


  1. Dad tilled the garden Tuesday evening, still a little wet. Maybe by this weekend I can get something in. I just don't want anything planted that will be ready at fair time. Yes, I want everything ready after fair.

  2. I apologize. "Why?" you ask? because when I read the title of this post I was hit with a pang of bitter jealousy. I suck and gardening. How the heck do you not have weeds in that garden? Do you weed it every day?

  3. Oh, there are weeds!! I just didn't take pictures of those...LOL! Plus DR tilled it up three times before planting. THere'll be more weeds next year than this.

  4. I LOVE your mom's comment! Why is it that corn is always ready to freeze right around the time we need to be at the fair?!?!? Beans too! My green bean are in a bag; guess I really should get them in the ground. Just wondering what to do with the bunnies once my beans start coming up. Ah decisions!

    There are farmers in the fields around us, but we are waiting until tomorrow. Tall Guy's big thing is to NOT compact the soil any more than needed. The weather looks iffy for the next few days though....sigh.


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