Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playing Basketball with Daddy.

It won't be too long before those little boys will be taller than their daddy! 

All Yahoo was concerned about was stealing the ball..ha ha!! 
Who knows, maybe she'll be a guard and a much better ball handler than I ever was! 

I am starting to realize just how much more athletic one of my boys is than the other but I won't say which because I hate the idea of comparing twins to each other. It's just a very interesting thing to observe with twins. 

"Give it to me Daddy! Mommy needs a turn!"
Yep, that's what she kept saying. 

Basketball kids in the making! 
Do you think we'll be back in Indiana by the time they are teenagers? 
I could really see myself into the Hoosiers basketball lifestyle in about 10 more years!! 


  1. I can see you in the Hoosier basketball lifestyle big time!

  2. As long as they are enjoying playing together, you can play wherever you are. I hear Kansas has a pretty good college team too ;-) It would be nice to be home though.


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