Friday, February 3, 2012

Foody Friday - Spiced Almonds

Oh yum! Spiced Almonds like the kind that you buy in the mall in the little cellophane cone. What a great snack..and addicting!! 

Unfortunately I found a super duper easy recipe for 
Isn't that a gorgeous illustration? I just love browsing TDAC's website just to look at the art. 

Spiced Almonds

And I do mean 'unfortunately' I found this recipe. I only made these yummy snacks last night and already I've eaten about half the batch. Almonds might be magic and a wonderful health food but when you put that many almonds in your tummy there's bound to be some pain. But I must be too stupid to learn my lesson because I'm munching on more right now. They are just that good! 

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  1. The almonds look really good. I will be trying next weekend! Thanks for sharing!


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