Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 9 - LOUD

Week 9 - LOUD

f/22, 1/25 sec., ISO 100

I was trying to work on panning Yahoo on the swing to get a lot of noise in the background but keep her sharp but I think I need to practice that. My ISO and fstop was as low as it was go but it was so bright out that I couldn't get the motion I wanted without overexposing so I did a lot to this photo to play down all the light but get the motion I wanted. 
f36, 1/4 sec., ISO 100 on a tripodI went running outside this day when we were getting 40 mph wind gusts. I had headphones playing music under a sock hat and the wind still roared in my ears and I thought wow, what LOUD wind. I tried to capture how much the wind was moving with this tree but I'm not too happy with the results. 
Next week's theme is QUIET. I'm a mom of three kids. I'm afraid next week's theme may be impossible for me! Oh, and I'm trying to talk my mom into joining my friend and I in this challenge. If I'm successful I'll start putting up her photos too. Come on Mom! Don't let us down! 


  1. Try catching them when they are sleeping

  2. Working in it, have to figure out how to get it on the computer someway so you can get to it.


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