Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Coolest Valentine Gift

Look what we got in the mail this week!! 

My mom is so awesome. For Valentines she sent my kids a bag of sugar cookies she baked along with frosting and sprinkles so they could decorate Valentine cookies! Since she couldn't be here when we made a mess I thought I'd post pics so she could check out their creations. 

Hhmmm, not really sure what Yahoo spent more time doing; decorating or eating the decorations. 

We got a bit wild with the sprinkles Grandma! 

A bag full of cookies traveling 900 miles is bound to hit some turbulence and most of the cookies didn't make it in one piece but that didn't deter the kids. They piled on the frosting on every crumb large enough to hold a sprinkle. 

This was a great Valentine Mom, thanks bunches! 

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  1. I'm so glad to see these pictures. It looks like they had fun. Tell the kids I love them and miss them, you and Dean too.

    By the way, Grandma M. says Yahoo has the most beautiful eyes!


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