Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Centennial my little SW Kansas town!!!

Sorry if I was MIA last week folks. Boy was it hot in my little town, 109 for quite a few days and I was sick, not conducive to blogging. But Saturday it cooled down to about 100 and thank goodness too because our little town celebrated it's 100th Anniversary! 

My neighbor had his yard decked out with flags! That was a nice sight on the way to the Pancake Breakfast and then again on to the Hamburger Feed for lunch. 

Yap set up his own popsicle stand out in front of the house right along with Yip and his Captain America Shields. I have to say, those two made out all right by the end of the day..I might have to hit them up for a loan :) Boy did those popsicles hit the spot...that's just about all we ate for dinner. 

Of course you can't celebrate a 100 years without a parade (which went right in front of our house and my boys money making spots) and I was at the front handing out bags because all those little kids HAD to have something to put their candy in!! 

I was a bit jealous that I didn't get to be in front of the fire truck during the parade!! Shooting water, that would have been great! 

There were tons of tractors, semis, groups and businesses represented in the parade that I couldn't show them all but I LOVED that this family could claim they had been here for all those 100 years :) 


...and NOW! 

There were so many things to do during the day! Craft show, fashion through the years exhibit, homemade ice cream and classic car show. There were tons of stuff for kids, all for free!! Carnival games, face painting, story time but the big draw were the bouncy houses complete with a fine mist from a fire truck...thanks guys!! My boys stayed here for at least two hours...ah, what relief from the heat. 

No fear here! 

I didn't get to play in the water like my kids did because....

...I was playing with face paint!! What fun! 

We all stayed up later that night to watch Pirates of the Caribbean until the fireworks started. Yahoo kept saying, "I never seen THAT before!", every time a new rocket would go up. 

It was a great day with all the different activities all over town. But the VERY best part of the day was an unexpected surprise that we took full advantage of....that I'll tell you about tomorrow!! 

Stay tuned! 

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