Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ten Things that's prevented me from Blogging this week.

1. Lost my 3 year old daughter at the fairgrounds (she just went to the bathroom, dang independence!)

2. Sucked in and bought the Shades of Grey Trilogy on Monday (I've finished two!!)

3. Cut and cut and cut and glued and glued and glued wedding invitations. (I'm so tired of looking at them I kind of hope she doesn't send me one!!!)

4. Harvest in the garden!! Cucumbers, summer squash, eggplant, oh my!

5. Sat my shift in the 4H Fair Concession stand. (Hey, I got more Grey reading time in!!!)

6. Swimming, swimming and swimming. Hey, it's 106 out and I have the town pool practically in my back'd choose swimming over blogging too!

7. Trying to catch up my 52 Week Project....I'm behind...I know!!!

8. Cleaned up the church from Vacation Bible School, I'm so glad it's over but the woman who organized VBS is already planning for a Christmas performance....Old Time Christmas on the Prairie!! I'm already excited!!

9. Bought a new pair of Vibram Shoes....

I LOVE that they are pink and kind of girly!!! I've worn them all over town today. (Yes, I realize that buying a pair of shoes in no way actually prevented me from blogging but I like to show them off!)

10. Okay, I can't think of a 10th thing that's kept me from blogging but I'm sure there is something else. I just can't get over how much busier summer is than any other time of year. How does that happen?

So, what's keeping you busy this summer?

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