Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week 26 - EAT

I'm a week behind but hopefully I can get caught up by Saturday. 

So Week 26, halfway through..can you believe it? 

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago but I love it so much I thought I'd include it today. Not that I took a fabulous photo but I love the way Yahoo's hands are so carefully cradling her watermelon. That girl LOVES her watermelon! 

1/100 sec., f9, ISO 1600

1/60 sec., f5.6, ISO 1600 with flash 

I've found that one of the hardest things about using my camera is using my flash and still getting, what I think, is a nice photo. This morning Yip was sitting on the couch eating an apple and reading, his normal breakfast position, with the light coming in through the window. It was a nice gold light but just not enough to expose his left side but when I turned on the flash it was just perfect. 

Next week, or maybe Saturday if I can catch up...that's the plan anyway, is EYES!! 


  1. I have never get around using the flash of my camera !

    1. Every time I use it I think that I must be using it wrong! I guess it's just trial and error though.


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