Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Little Entrepreneur

My son Yip LOVES superheroes! Wolverine is his favorite and he's watched XMen numerous times. So of course when Captain America and Avengers came out he wasn't going to miss the chance to see them in the theaters. 

He thought he could make a Captain America Shield. Pretty cool son. 
Then he went to the grocery store, bought a pack of heavy duty paper plates and made them all into Captain America Shields.

He's given some to his brother and sister and friends. They are especially good at repelling water gun attacks!! 

Yip decided that he needed to branch out though. So yesterday he painted a sign, with minimal help from me, and sat up business on the sidewalk. 

God Bless him!! 

Yip was outside for a couple hours in the morning and a couple more in the afternoon selling his shields. 

I want to give a big shout out to all friends and neighbors who stopped by to buy a Captain America Shield from him! Boy, did you lift his spirit. There was an older couple who bought one who I KNOW have no little grand kids to give it to. They bought it to brighten my boys day! He sold 6 yesterday! 

What a wonderful little town I live in where friends and neighbors go out of the way to encourage a little boy's creativity! 

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