Monday, March 19, 2012

Marker Monday - Caveman Paintings

I saw this idea from Thomas Elementary Art Blog but I was most excited there was a link to a virtual tour of the Lascaux cave paintings!! I had always wanted to go there but there are closed to tourists so this virtual tour is the next best thing. 

This was the perfect activity to do with the boys while their little sister was napping during spring break last week. They really liked the virtual tour; I was especially impressed with the cave painting that seems to be have painted right above a giant hole in the cave floor...crazy cavemen!! 

The boys and I taped up some crinkled brown paper on their walls and I dug out my pastels but only let them use caveman colors; red, brown, black, yellows. Then the fun part...we shut off all the lights, darkened the windows and lit candles! Yes, parent supervision is required for this part! 

I could have taken pictures with a flash but instead I opted to go with some long 1 second exposures and I'm so glad I did. The eerie lighting gives it a much more mysterious quality....more cavelike I would imagine. 

The boys found themselves holding candles up to the wall as they drew which made me wonder how the cavemen could see while they drew. Some of those paintings are way above a full grown adult's head and very deep in the caves. (Take the tour, it's awesome!) 

I'm very proud of my boys' works. Though they couldn't sign their work with painted handprints they tried to outline their hands or putting black all over a couple fingers to make fingerprints. 

The Lascaux site also had some pics of lamps the cavemen used which I think we might make next and use as holders for tea lights. 

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