Friday, March 9, 2012

The Big 3!!! Happy Birthday Yahoo!

Happy Birthday Yahoo!!! 

Wow! I just can't believe that she's three years old already! 

And just when did that happen? 
I swear, wasn't it just yesterday that she looked like this? 

Yahoo is on the left in case you were confused! 
This particular pic holds a special place in my heart because this is my grandfather and Yahoo is named after his mother. Right before this picture was taken Grandpa was diagnosed with Parkinsons and is now confined to a nursing home. (Okay, enough tears!) 

Yahoo has been talking about her birthday for weeks! It finally came! She decided on cupcakes,PINK and purple of course, with strawberries on top. After we read a Fancy Nancy book where Nancy baked cupcakes a big birthday cake wasn't going to work for Yahoo....cupcakes it HAD to be. Man, is she getting independent minded in her old age. 

Yip just couldn't help being goofy; what a ding dong! 

Now on to the presents! 

Fingernail polish from her brothers! 
Wow, I didn't think they could be that thoughtful of their little sister. 
Now, as long as she doesn't try painting her fingernails by herself life will be good! 

A new Barbie from Mommy! I admit I bought this particular Barbie with selfish intentions; 1. This Barbie has brown hair, I've cringe at all the blonde Barbies (no offense blonde ladies out there) and 2. This Barbie's clothes are painted less naked doll in the house!! 

And the big gift of the evening......drumroll.....

...a big girl bike!!! Yay! 
Now for just a bit more practice, and some warmer weather, we'll be zooming all over town!Ah, Yap, are you helping your sister ride her bike? 
NO, he's not...he just found this a perfect opportunity to get his photo taken. He is my ham after all. 

The gifts didn't stop there. Yahoo received a big package from Indiana in the mail. Hoosier packages always make us smile! 

A princess bowling set from Grandma and Grandpa!! Thanks!!! 

Hmm, we need to work a bit more on her form don't we? Ha ha! 
She's already learned that if she can't knock over the pins with her ball then she'll get them with her feet! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Yahoo! My birthday wish for you is that this next year passes just a little bit slower! 

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  1. Connor turns 3 next week, isn't this all crazy!?

    Yahoo is such a pretty girl:o)


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