Saturday, March 24, 2012

We Have Water!!!

I've talked a lot about water and the worst drought Kansas has ever seen last year. I think over the winter a lot of people have been very anxious about what kind of weather spring would bring us because NO ONE wants to go through another summer like last year! 

Earlier this week, Tuesday and Wednesday we. had. rain.
In one day we had two inches of rain which is just about unheard of here! But no one was complaining about the cold and chill or all the water rushing down the streets. Every one in our area is so very very thankful for the moisture. I was even more so when I realized that there are parts of Kansas that are doing much better when it comes to moisture than we are. Last weekend when we went to Hays, although only 3 hours away, there was a definitely more green growth there than here. 

Thursday morning my boys found wets spots in our finished basement. 
Everyone has finished basements out here because, normally, it never rains enough to seep any moisture to the basement. Not like where I'm from in Indiana. Hoosiers build two story houses without basements while Kansans almost always have a single story house with a finished basement. But even a wet basement wasn't something that could make the rain unwelcome. 

All that standing water around town is gorgeous!! 
I know my Indiana family probably wouldn't say the same thing considering they've been battling puddles all winter but I haven't ever seen this much moisture in our town since we've lived here...and might not again. 

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, in the 80's and sunny, perfect weather to work in my garden. But I just checked my garden plot and it's still too wet to work in! Wonderful, wonderful moisture...stick around I'll wait to work in my arguments here! 

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  1. We got 2" yesterday and yes, the basement is wet. It just started to dry out enough that dad didn't have to wear hip boots to do chores.


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