Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 13 - Green

It's really been greening up this spring, much more than last year. That's what happens though when it FINALLY rains! I was sure happy that there was actually something alive to shoot for this week's green theme because there probably wouldn't have been anything like this here at the same time last year. 

f11, 1/80, ISO 1600

This is a field of wheat at the edge of our town.
I love wheat. 

f7.1, 1/125, ISO 1600

Same field different direction.
I suppose some people wouldn't like these photos since they are tilted but a straight on picture, to me, suggests stillness and tranquility. Even though this scene could easily have been portrayed that way those weren't the emotions I was feeling. We haven't had rain in so long and it was nice and wet when I took these photos, I was just so ecstatic about the moisture I wanted to suggest more dynamic feelings than stillness. So, I tilted em'.

And then, just because, I edited them the teeniest bit. 

edited with some HDR 

edited with some HDR and some cross process

Week 14 - Music

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  1. Okay, so I'm one of those that doesn't like the tilt. :) Really, I don't mind it to some degree. Your pictures just kind of through me for some reason. I know it didn't fall into the 'green' category but I really like the fence picture from yesterday. That was the kind of thing I was looking for on Sunday when I went driving. Unfortunately, I didn't find it and came home with only a handful of pictures.


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