Monday, March 12, 2012

Skills every little girl's mother should have.

Yahoo turned three this week and DR made the comment that I am much more girly now than I was when my sons were the same age. I've had to become more girly! Yahoo plays so different than boys I've had to learn a whole new skill set. 

I've had to learn all about Barbie hair. Did you know that you can actually change Barbie's hair? I always thought that once Barbie hair turned all ratty it was a lost cause. Yahoo's new doll had curly hair but Yahoo kept asking me to make it I Googled to make Barbie's hair straight. 

Boil a mug of water in the microwave, about 2 minutes, and hold Barbie's head over the sink and pour the boiling water all over her hair and then comb. 

Voila!! Straight hair!! 

And it works the opposite way too. 

Do you have a straight hair Barbie who is desperately in need of a new style? 

Curl it up, I used pipe cleaners, and pour on the boiling water. 
Let it air dry completely, about 24 hours, and style!

Isn't she beautiful? Okay, Vidal Sassoon I'm not. 

Maybe she just needs a little backlighting...ah, gorgeous...yep, lighting makes all the difference! Remember that when you are looking at gorgeous models in magazines!! 

Geez, had you asked me a few years ago if I'd ever willingly style a Barbie's hair I'd have thought you were crazy. Not only that I've made Yahoo her own makeup. She kept getting into my makeup and you can't buy toy makeup that isn't just colored glop that gets used up in a day. 

I found this great idea on Pinterest, fake makeup

I cleaned out some old makeup containers. 

Then I filled up the compartments with some cheap fingernail polish. 
Warning!! This is very smelly! It will take a few days to harden so it's important to place it somewhere well ventilated. 

Great! Fake up that doesn't get all over the place. 

Being the mother of a little girl is like living in another world. I was such the tom-girl growing up and it's amazing the things I've learned to do since I had a daughter. Being the mother of a girl is having to learn a whole new way of thinking. But she's only little once right? 


  1. I have seen how they sew the hair in a barbie factory !

  2. Ok. Now can you find an easy way for me to learn how to French braid squirmy girls' hair? This is very good info to know about Barbie.

  3. It made the hair straight but was it easy to comb after that? Do you think it would work on our generic American Girl dolls hair?

    I had found on pinterest that you can use liquid fabric softer mixed with water in a spray bottle. This did work to get the tangles out but takes a long time on the really long to sit and get them all out.

    If the hot water is easier, I might give it a try next time.

  4. I combed the hair right after I poured on the hot water and it was very easy to comb; I used a pick.


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