Monday, March 5, 2012

Too many....

I've went and done it again. I have found myself with a list a mile long of projects that I need, or want, to work on/get finished but can't figure out just how I'll get them all done. Of course if I stopped cooking, cleaning or doing laundry I'd be able to get everything done with no problems!! 

The boys have been working on a 4H art project off and on for the last week. They decided to do something with paper mache, which was fine with me because I don't mind the mess. But what I thought would be a small little sculpture has ballooned into quite the projects. They both decided to create masks, then decided these masks should be part of their Halloween costume (Wow! Are they thinking ahead or what?) but now we kind of have to create part of the costume to go with the masks to at least take a picture of for their 4H project. It might not make sense otherwise. Yip is working on a Batman mask and Yap is working on a knight's helmet. I sure hope Yahoo doesn't get some crazy idea that I'll make her Rapunzel or something for Halloween!! Can you imagine me trying to figure out a wig for that? 

I finally was able to get halfwayish done with a project of my own this week.
Can you guess what it's supposed to be? 

I'm making a 5 foot stuffed airplane for a friend's Vacation Bible School this summer, well May not really summer. I still have to put two engines on it, wheels, propellers and then spray paint it. I found a great little pattern here and then enlarged it to the scale I needed. Rather than use stuffing the boys helped me wad up newspapers to fill it. 

DR was nice enough to build a wooden frame for me yesterday to put inside the wings. This is going to be hung from the ceiling. I sure hope it works.

I don't mind doing projects like this for friends but I'll be happy when this one is done and out of my house. It's big, bulky and just not really something that's that exciting to work on. 

Maybe it's not exciting because I have 20 zillion other projects I'd rather be working on. I have a half finished dragonfly painting sitting in my bedroom I'm itching to get back to. I still haven't decided just what I want to paint in my bathroom..just that I want to do SOMETHING. I've committed myself to sewing up at least two pairs of Britches for Boys by April. I've got a list of art projects I need to come up with for toddler/preschool playdates for the next few months. 

But the project I am most excited about is getting Amy Morrow to come to our little community to speak about her orphanage in Zambia!! I've followed Amy's blog for a couple years and when she said that she was headed to the States for her annual fundraising trip and still had some speaking dates opened I asked her to come to Kansas. It couldn't hurt to ask right? She agreed and will be in Montezuma, Kansas on Wednesday, April 4th at 7:00 pm. (So I've been making flyers and sending letters for the past few days.) I doubt that many of you reading this blog are close enough to come hear her but check out her blog, what a wonderful story she has to tell! And if you are close, please come!! I'd love to fill our church with people to welcome Amy to Kansas! 

So that's been my list of my many projects I've been working on.
I think I need a nap now :) 

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