Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Devotions - Calvin Hart #3, Time Marches On

As I've mentioned before for my Sunday posts I'll be sharing some poetry from Mr. Calvin Hart, a Christian poet. This weeks poem, Time Marches On, I think is a theme that parents especially can relate to. Just this past couple weeks I have been reminded of how quickly time breezes by

Time Marches On

Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours,
Hours turn into days,
Days to months, months to years,
Nothing stands in times way.

Spring to summer, summer to fall,
Fall to winters cold winds,
Time marches on, the seasons change,
Then its winter to spring once again.

Days of childhood, filled with pretend,
Safe in your parents arms,
Childhood gives way to teenage years,
The world presents new dangers and charms.

With age should come maturity,
The ability to understand,
Eyes open to a world that is all to real,
As they become a young woman or man.

Into the world as young adults,
With hopes, dreams and plans,
Like sand slips through the hour glass,
Time slips through their hands.

Into the world as full adults,
With responsibilities,
Bills to pay, deadlines to meet,
A family, and children to feed.

Days consumed by busy lives,
Filled from dusk to dawn,
Then one day you turn around,
And your children are grown and gone.

You stop to look around you,
In a state of semi-shock,
Where did all the time go?
Who sped up the clock?

What happened to those care free days.
When time seemed to just stand still,
You wish those days would come again,
But you know they never will.

Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours,
Hours turn into days,
How many do we have left?
Only God Himself can say.

For only He knows the day and hour,
When Gabriel’s trumpet sounds,
To herald the return of the King of Kings,
To announce that time has ran down.

What have you done with your time so far?
Have you wasted it all away?
Have you used your time to serve the Lord?
Are you ready for judgment day?

Have you taken a few precious moment,
To bow your head and pray?
To ask Jesus Christ to save your soul?
To wash your sins away?

If you have not, I pray that you do,
Before your time is gone,
For when time ends, the Lord comes again,
And time is marching on.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the time on Earth that you have given to us. We do not know how much time we have left but we know that this time is Your time and we need to be using it for You. Help me to use spend my time wisely; not on frivolous things and ideas. Rather bless me with the knowledge that I should use my time on Earth with You and spreading Your love. Amen. 

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