Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Tumbleweed Menace

When we first moved to Kansas the tumbleweeds were kind of cool. They blew and rolled so quickly across the road. They were so much bigger than I imagined and there were so many of them. It was like watching a western movie through my windshield.

But the novelty of tumbleweeds have DEFINITELY worn off! 
The stinkin' things are everywhere. For the last week or so we've have some very windy days and the wind brings the tumbleweed in from the country and they get stuck everywhere in town; under bleachers, in fences, under trees. And it doesn't matter how many of them you clean out and get rid of the next stiff wind will just bring more. And more. And MORE!

Tumbleweeds are poky and hard to untangle from stuff. Then if you are driving and see a particularly large tumbleweed you have to worry about it hitting your car and scratching it up like a wildcat. 

All those gruff and grumpy cowboys in all the old time western movies were that grumpy just because of tumbleweeds...and maybe the bad guys shooting at them. 

But mostly it had to be the tumbleweeds. 

They make me grumpy too. 

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  1. Don't have those things here, but my house has plenty of dust bunnies, and those tumbleweeds remind me of giant poky dust bunnies!


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