Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taxes and Colored Pencils

DR has started working on taxes. Now, I know there are plenty of supportive wives out there who help do taxes too, or do it all on their own. Way to go!! Not me. I'm lousy at this kind of stuff.

Record keeping, accounts, files, paperwork....this is what DR does everyday at work. And he's good at it. He got the taxes practically done in 2 would have taken me 2 weeks....if I was lucky.

But I was supportive!! I brought him a beer and sat and drew a picture of him working on taxes.

Okay, it's not exactly of DR but there is his beer bottle and ledger on the table and blue shirt in the background. Do you think the IRS would appreciate my efforts? Nah, probably not....not unless it came with a big fat check!

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