Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skipping School and heading to New Mexico

Next month my sister, Officer, and brother in law, Marvel Man, are coming to Kansas! Yay!! We are counting down the days. February may seem like a weird time to take a vacation but since they are both cops and don't have kids they are much more flexible in taking time off than DR and I.

When they get here we're all going to drive to Taos, New Mexico about 6 hours away for a long weekend. We aren't much for skiing although there are tons of ski resorts in the Taos area. My sister and I have been cruising the Internet planning other spots to hit while we are there. These are a few of the places we are planning on visiting.

The Harwood Museum of Art This museum offers activities for kids to participate in on the weekends.

Since Taos is such a long drive away and the fact an aunt and uncle visiting is a special treat, we are letting Yip and Yap skip two days of school.

I was a teacher and I have no problem with kids skipping school IF it is for an educational purpose and educational experiences can be found in many realms of life. My mom let my brothers skip school to go to farm shows. But, I do know plenty of teachers and administrators that do not support the idea of skipping school for a trip like this. In their thinking that is what spring break, Christmas break and summer are for. But life doesn't always revolve in sync with the school calendar.

I'm planning on this trip to be fun and educational! There are so many opportunities in Taos to learn about the history of the SouthWest that I've only been able to read about! My kids will be able to see people and places first hand. How could skipping school to experience history and culture be bad?

So, I ask do you feel about pulling your kids out of school for vacations? or road trips? or whatever? Have you ever pulled your kids out of school for an educational experience? If so, what was it? I'd love to hear.


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  2. We have taken our kids out of school "for fun". They missed 3 days one year for Spring Break. We were visiting friends in TX. There really wasn't any other way to drive that distance. However, you could look at it another way. They had some learning days during Spring Break when we went to the LBJ Ranch & a museum in Austin. Does that make up for it?

    Then this year we are considering pulling the oldest out of school for another 3 or 4 days. We will be heading to DC in May for National Police Week. Of course I have no problem pulling him out of school for this. He will learn so much more in those 3 days than he would in a classroom.

  3. There is learning in everything we do! Our kids miss school several times a year - we do a big cattle show in December and they work hard; vacations in the summer are very hard to plan with farming and county fair and school starting so early, our kids are missing 2 days next week so we can all go to Disney World. I tell my kids as long as you are doing your very best in school and giving it your all (fortunatly all my kids are on the honor roll) than we can continue to do things like this!
    I think it will be an excellant experience for all of you - Taos is beautiful - make time to drive along The Rio Grande - it is truly one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever seen - I kept expecting John Wayne or the Lone Ranger to ride out anytime! HAVE FUN!

  4. It's funny how my parents' (well, mostly my dad - my mother would let us out of school at the drop of a hat, because she sees most of life as being educational somehow) perspective changed on this over the years. When I (the oldest) was in public school, tenth through twelfth grade, I was only allowed to miss school if I could convince my dad that death was imminent. My youngest brother got to skip school for recuperation purposes. It's all so unfair! :-) But, seriously, I think that seeing school/learning as part of living, and not passing up opportunities to learn things just because they may interfere a bit with your daily "three Rs", is a very healthy attitude. It will take children a whole lot further, in the long run, to teach them to be excited about the learning that can happen anywhere, and anytime. That learning costs a whole lot less (much is free!) and is available your whole life long. Good for you, and enjoy your trip!

  5. I know when I was in grade school, there were a few occasions that I was taken out of school to go on trips or to go to funerals. I think it's okay to do as long as your kid isn't missing more than a week of school and every trip isn't to Mexico or Hawaii. That just makes your classmates jealous. :P

  6. Not all forms of learning comes from books or school. Not all people think learning history is important, but when you can see these historical places in person, it add so much more to what you do learn in school. You can make an everyday trip to town educational if you just think a little about it.


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