Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Potty Training in the Dark

Yahoo won't be two until March but we've slowly been working on using the potty. I know, she's young and I'm not rushing anything. I just don't want her to be afraid of it and wearing diapers in kindergarten.

Ever since she could sit on her own I'd start putting her on the potty just to get used to sitting that high on her own and she's never been afraid of it. When I do my business I share all the details with her (sorry, not sharing any details with you.) We read the potty books and we bought princess underwear.

So far she's doing okay. Sometimes she tells me when she has to go and we get to the potty on time. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes she doesn't tell me until it's too late and then there's times she walks around with gross pants and doesn't tell me at all. So far fairly normal in my book.

You are probably getting bored with the whole play by play of potty training but here's the one thing about Yahoo using the potty that has me entirely confused. Up until last week she's never done #2 on the potty. Fine, didn't bother me, it'll come. But last week, twice, she said she had to go #2.

Alright!!! We rushed to the potty only for her to sit there and yell at me to turn off the lights and get out. And then she went #2....twice in one week. Twice she sits on the potty only to holler, loudly, until I turn off the lights and leave.

What's that all about? Weird kid


  1. ???? When all else fails, blame it on Daddy ;-) Not to be obvious, but did you ask her? I would love to hear your response.

  2. I've asked! She just hasn't been able to verbalize it yet....just yelling to get out :)

  3. That is weird! A lot of toddlers are shy about pooping though, but telling you to turn off the lights is a new one for me! :o)


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