Monday, January 3, 2011

Marker Monday - Christmas Battering Ram

We have a certified Christmas elf living in our house! Under the tree this year we found a certificate declaring that, because he had done such a wonderful job building our dining table this year, Daddy was a certified Santa elf! Along with this wonderful honor there were also Santa's plans for a go-cart and all the supplies for it in the garage. Wow, what a great idea Mr. Claus!

Here's Yap on Christmas afternoon explaining the plans to me because, you know, I'm just a girl and I don't know anything!

I'm not real sure what Yip and Yap's roles were in this building project but they seemed to sure enjoy the cold afternoon working with DR.

Yahoo realized that sawdust art is her next passionate project which means laundry was mine.

Um, what exactly does this have to do with building a go-cart Yip? Always the ham, can't you let me take a normal picture of you?

And here we go the first test run! You know, I think this would work a lot better with hills and a steering wheel. On second thought maybe it's a good thing we live on the flat prairie!

DR changed the plans just a bit and put an extra section of picket fence on the top. It kind of looks like a battering ram now though. I'm expecting lots of injuries this summer.
You know, I really think it's awesome that my husband spent Christmas afternoon building this with the boys when he could have spent his sugar coma on the couch. Hopefully, it will foster some creativity in the boys to create some really awesome things on their own the older they get.
Wait a minute....maybe not. I'm seeing catapaults and weapons in my future. Santa, can you bring the plans and supplies for a nice simple calm birdhouse next year?

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  1. LIKE! They are building memories right along with all their medieval toys! Great pics!


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