Monday, January 10, 2011

Marker Monday - Kids and Candles

The boys have wanted to make candles, the old fashioned way, for a long time. Now the only way I'd ever made dipped candles was outside over a fire. Nope, can't pull that off this time of year. But with a bit of thinking we worked out a way to dip candles inside with minimal mess.

It took a few hours but using my roaster I melted the wax in tin cans that sat in the hot water.
We tied the wicks onto pens and pencils and suspended them in canning jars.

Overall candle making has been pretty successful! They've made candles on and off for the past couple weeks.
The only obstacle I had was making poured candles. I had forgotten to buy any containers when we were at Hobby Lobby. When we got home I had to improvise because I couldn't find any suitable containers anywhere in my house. Go figure!
Orange candles. They look nice and the peels have lasted a lot longer than I expected!


  1. Those candles looked like fun to make. I love the little orange peel ones. Have you tried pulling the peel off? We've used empty tin cans--like tuna cans--in the past and they worked well.

  2. Oh no, pulling the peels off sounds fun! I'll definitely try that. Wouldn't you know, I'd taken all of my recycling to town and didn't have one empty can in my house! Ha...but we are using some now.

  3. Those orange ones are the cutest thing!

  4. LOVE the orange candles! You are so brave. I'm thinking I would still be a nervous wreck with my youngest who doesn't always pick up on directions the first go 'round!

  5. I also really love the orange candles - those are so creative and pretty!


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