Monday, January 24, 2011

Marker Monday - Scraps to Treasures

I recently joined a home-ec club in my county. I never thought I'd join a home-ec club and although most of the women in my club could be my mother or gr. mother, this group of women is a riot!

So last week our lesson was on using scrap fabric and turning it into something new rather than tossing it into the landfill. I sew but I don't quilt so my scraps usually get tossed. The lesson leader had tons of ideas but I'll just share two of my versions with her today.

Denim Pot Holders.
I was so happy she showed us these because my kitchen's potholders were in a sad state. Two layers of denim with three layers of flannel, or one of fleece, in the middle and you have a very insulating pot holder. Our lesson leader had nice edges turned under and topstitched. Not me, I'm in a hurry so I just zigzagged around the for me. But the HEART is what I was excited about. My former potholders were too small and I was always getting burned, but the heart shaped works great. It's just the right shape and size to keep my little fingers safe.

Our lesson leader also shared a website with us, Little Dresses for Africa, where you'll find a free pattern download to make some very simple sundresses; sizes 3-12. This is a non-profit group that provides dresses for girls in Africa. Dresses can be made quickly with very little fabric.

I downloaded the pattern and had two dresses (5/8 yd. each for size 3) whipped out in an hour, with Yahoo's help. Bias tape is used at the armholes (hard to see in the pics) and as a drawstring at the top which ties at the shoulders.

This one was actually made from a pillowcase (instructions for this on Little Dresses website also). Please don't pay any attention to those letters at the bottom. My iron on transfers and I had quite the go around for 20 minutes or so....the iron on transfers won. Good thing they were given to me; I'm not out any money!

Our home ec club is planning a sewing day where we'll be making up as many of these little dresses as we can. I'm really excited! What do you do with scraps?


  1. I need pot holders, too! Thanks. I just burned my thumb, again, through my stupid one. I usually put my scraps in a bag....and there they sit. :)

  2. Mine are all in drawers. These dresses are so cute, and the pot holders are always a must, especially the shapes that are hand friendly!

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