Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marvel Who?

I have some awesome in-laws but one brother in law of mine in particular is a super uncle in the eyes of my boys. Why? Because their uncle is a Marvel comic junkie. Not so much a junkie though that he couldn't separate himself from all these Marvel superhero toys he sent to us last week.

I'm pretty sure all these toys were my BIL's when he was a kid. Wow, pretty cool he's sharing his old toys with my kids isn't it? I bet his report card read "plays well with others" when he was younger.

Yip and Yap love these toys, so do I. The only problem is we don't know who they all are. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? I didn't grow up watching or reading Marvel comics and since my boys don't watch tv (gasp!) we are a bit befuddled over some of the alliances of our Marvel pile.

Of course I know Hulk. I thought he was green? I do remember that show from my childhood.
And thanks to Yip's obsession with this one (and one hunkie Mr. Hugh Jackman) I know Wolverine too.

But who's this one? I'm tempted to say he must be a good guy. I think it's the bright colors of his underwear, I mean, supersuit that sways me towards his valor.

Wow, this guy has to be a good guy. Only a good guy would be brave enough to head out to a fight in purple and pink. Or maybe he's just a really badass bad dude and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Then there are the few women action heroes. Are they virtuous or vile? I'm betting the chick in the red number isn't to be trusted. Would you trust any woman in a tight red hoochie outfit like that? And the one in the green shirt and shoes.....does she really have super powers or is the bad 80's fashion statement enough to drive away evil doers....or good doers?

Okay, I know Storm. (Thanks Halle Berry.) See she's one of those good guys but dressed in black like a bad guy. She's kind of like Johnny Cash that way.

Red, white and blue jammies. See, this guy has to be a good Uncle Sam. Of course, Storm up there had that dark outfit...but....she's a good this guy has the whole patriotic outfit ...but...maybe he's really a bad guy!
See, this is just too confusing to figure out on my own!!

Now this guy, I'm pretty sure he's a bad guy...maybe it's the hair. He has hair like James Dean. It just screams "REBEL" doesn't it? But I like him anyway. Any dude who can keep his threads that nice, straight and clean while kicking that high has to be admired.
Thanks my BIL Marvel Comics Fan.
Good or Bad, we are sure enjoying our new toys.


  1. Time to teach the boys about research. They could have a lot of fun learning how to research topics on the internet by identifying all their new "guys and gals." Have fun!

  2. If you have some spare time watch the cartoons I got the boys for Christmas, there's an episode that explains grey Hulk on a kids level. The episode "o captain my captain" doesn't really explain Captain Britain,(red white and blue) but he's in it. The 80's girl is rogue from the X-Men movie... Now you see why they changed her wardrobe for the movie.


  3. My geeky guys helped:

    Blue & yellow--no idea
    Pink and purple--Magneto (bad guy from x-men)
    Scarlet Witch, Storm, Rogue
    Captain Britain
    Gambit (also from x-men)

    my son loved helping out but wanted to know if we won a prize. LOL



  5. Thanks for all the help Amy and BIL, awesome website btw! The boys and I will be checking it out after school!


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