Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sometimes taking pictures of my kids gets kind of boring.
I mean, after a while, they start all looking the same.
It's not like I can get them to pose for me either; they are too busy playing and being goofy and I'm just trying to catch any good shot I can.
But I've found that I can get some interesting effects when I use the sun behind them. I position myself so the sun just peaks around them but not quite a silhouette.
Sometimes I get a new starburst effect but sometimes I get a neat halo/outline thing going on.

Sometimes sunspots appear in odd places, like on a face, but I think it makes for an interesting composition. It's fun to let go a bit and let the sun create the photo.
I'm trying really hard to stay away from editing photos for a while because I want to rely on my camera rather than fixing everything. There are a lot of things about these photos I could change but these are unedited. I'm not happy about how I filled the frame in the middle two and I'm pretty sure my ISO was too high on Yip's. But hey, it's fun and they are pics of my kids so who can complain?

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