Thursday, November 4, 2010

Over Exposure and High Contrast on Photo Thursday

I took some pictures of my kids recently...duh...I'm always taking pictures of my kids. They are pretty much the only subject matter I have...oh, and my sky!

Anyway, I did a few shots on a bright afternoon where I purposefully overexposed.
ISO 1600, F10, SS 1/125

But then I went back into and did some edits.
I bumped up the contrast high, about 60% and then desaturated the color a bit. I was really happy with the overall effect and how it really brought out facial features.

ISO 1600, F10, SS 1/125

Here, I increased the contrast again but left the color saturation alone and cropped it too.

ISO 1600, F10, SS 1/125
I think this one was way too overexposed to work with,
 but I tried anyway.

This one of Yip I also boosted the contrast high and toned down the color saturation a bit.

I really like this effect but I'm not sure my kids are the best subject for it. I think it would have worked better on high school senior pictures or with an adult in front of a sun or really contrasy background.

What do you think? Are there any other situations where overexposing then boosting the contrast would be suitable?

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  1. Nice editing. I still have not made it to that website, but have it on my list of to-do's! Very cute kids.


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