Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My New Dining Table Is Here!!!

Tada! Our new table!!
Isn't it beautiful? DR did a fabulous job.

We stained it with ebony stain which turned out so much better than I imagined it would. Even though part of the table is just stock 2x4 pine, DR wishes now he would have used nicer wood, I think the stain looks wonderful and pulls out the wood grain beautifully.

There are four coats of polyurthene on the table top which makes it so easy to clean up. The rest of the table has two coats. The stools have two coats of polyurthene on top and one on the legs. I almost didn't polyurthene the legs but now I'm really happy I did. The finish just adds a nice touch to the overall look.
When we aren't using it all the stools slide neatly under the table out of the way.
And my vaccuum slides right under the table! (I know really not that exciting to many but it's a big plus for me!)

Look how much room there is!!
No one's elbows are sticking in someone's ear while we eat.

DR, I love it!! Thank you so so much for building us a new table!

Now what other wonderful wood working project can I come up with for DR to make for me?? I asked him to make me an automatic house cleaner but he just rolled his eyes at me.


  1. I love it!!! He should teach Nick :) He did an amazing job!

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  3. LOVE IT! The black really pulls out the character of the wood, and the simply lines are sooooo appealing. Big pat on the back to your DR!

  4. Beautiful table! I wouldn't believe it didn't come from a furniture store if you didn't tell me! Think he would want to make me some furniture? :)

  5. I think I might start hiring DR out! Who wants some new furniture? Well, only if you are willing to come to Kansas to pick it up. LOL


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