Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hello again Readers!!

I'm back!! I finally have a computer again. I know it only seemed like a few days in the blogging world that I was gone but in reality I was computerless for 12 days!

I never realized how much I relied on the Internet for day to day things. Recipes, driving directions, phone numbers, news and weather, answers to my kids' questions. I felt like I had blinders on for the last 2 weeks. Of course, the time was a nice reminder that I can live without the Internet.

Anyway, I'm back to blogging. I've got a new Sunday Devotions post ready for tomorrow and some Christmas themed posts planned for the upcoming weeks. I really enjoyed reading all your comments from the past couple of weeks! Thanks for sticking with me and my little ol' blog. It's nice to know someone is interested in my ramblings.....ha ha!

Solitary no more,
Prairie Mother

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  1. I figured you were living my world humming "Life in the fast lane..." Glad you are back! It's a crazy world, but it's fun!


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