Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dang, DR can sure burst my bubble.

Our family is preparing to head out on a trip back home to Indiana. 
900 glorious miles one way. yay. 

Five people's worth of clothes, toys, books, phones, blankets, and stuff needed for a trip to Indiana all needs to be packed nice and neat in the car. 

And who gets the job of packing and organizing???
This gal. 

Who can find any item of clothes, hair ties, lovey, Captain Underpants book tucked inside the car? 
This gal. 

Who manages to screw up and make a giant mess of all the bags on every family trip we've ever taken? 

As I was packing this week I decided to put on a duct tape tag on every bag labeled with exactly what can be found inside.  That way when DR needs a particular bag he knows exactly which one to grab rather than unzipping and rummaging in all the bags to find what he needs, which always results in a giant bag explosion in the car by the end of every road trip. 

So last night when he came home from work I excitedly explained my new label packing system and how it will keep us so much more organized on our trip and help save him time when we stop at the hotel. I was rather proud of myself.

He replied to me, "Honey, you are working under the assumption that I will actually read those labels on the bags." 

Men are jerks. 


  1. As much as you love him, he is still a man, what were you thinking?

  2. LOL!!!! Ooooh, I really am laughing! That's the DR I've come to love!

    Marvel Man

  3. I know, I know...I shouldn't have expected anything else should I? Ah, at least he always keeps my life interesting!! :)

  4. Well, one thing I've learned about your DR is that he is a very honest man.


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