Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 21 - Black

This week's theme is Black. (Whoops, I'm a few days behind :) 

My FB friend, you would know her in my comments as Jester6, who I am doing this photo theme with did the coolest thing for Black. 

What my friend had to say about her photo, "I had a late night grocery trip this evening and while putting groceries away I spotted the glow sticks on the top shelf. It was late. It was dark. I decided, WHY NOT!! :-)
I didn't take the time to grab the tripod. The picture is completely grainy. Who cares? It was fun. :-)

It was fun!! That's the point of photography right? To enjoy ourselves and have fun. I'm so glad my Jester6 has such a fun laid back attitude towards photography. Although we both want to improve our photo taking skills what's the point if we are ALWAYS stressing about fstops and tripods and getting "the perfect photo"?! 

I've been packing this week for our vacation to Indiana and decided to take a page from Jester6 and not stress over BLACK. When the right moment came to shoot, I'd know. 

And I did. DR and I were in the living room reading and working on the computer as the sun slowly set. Only when it was dark in the house did I realize this would be a perfect time to shoot! 

All of these are hand held, no tripod...just holding my breath and trying to stay as still as possible. 
These were fun and were all shot at 1/6sec, F5, ISO 1600

I'm on vacation right now and am not sure when I'll get to shoot the next couple weeks themes so I'll keep on eye out for both of them. 

Week 21 - Rest and Week 22 - Architecture

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  1. Does this make me famous now that I'm part of your blog? :-)


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