Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Kansas summer has already arrived in the SW part of our state. The temps have been in the 90's for most of the last week or so. Curses to the heat because our town pool isn't open yet!! 

How to cool off? Even though we've received rain this spring the Ogalalla Aquifer levels have been dropping for the last three years, at least, so I don't want to go wasting a lot of water just to cool off. I've become quite the water miser since living in Kansas. 

Great toy for those hot summer days! I should make a whole garbage bag of these for the pool.

I found the instructions here to make these sponge ball water bombs at home from regular old kitchen sponges. All you need are sponges and zip ties! Yip and Yap cut up the sponges for me and I ziptied them all together while they were searching the garage for buckets. All together we had these put together in 10 minutes tops! They're cheap, they're durable and they're LOTS of fun! Best of all we didn't use a whole lot of water while playing with these, two buckets kept us busy for an hour. 

We only had yellow sponges at our little grocery but that didn't detract from the fun! 

Yahoo only wanted to sit in the water while her brothers attacked each other and me! 
Trust me, I was plenty wet after an hour of playing! 

Ha ha! The t-shirts didn't last long. 
Yip kept yelling as he threw the bombs, "Who's the king now?" 
Not sure what that was all about. 

I'm thinking these will be a lot of fun in the pool this summer too! 
Has your summer started yet? How are you cooling off? Or how are you planning to once summer does arrive? 


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