Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Glorious Growing Green Garden Gives me Grins!

This was my garden a year ago during the worst drought Kansas has ever seen. 

But check it out this year!!! 
Wow, amazing how plants will actually GROW when they have WATER! 

Just take a look at the grass around the sides of my garden! Last year there was no grass. I think we mowed our yard maybe twice all last year and I've already mowed three times this spring! Hey, I don't mind the extra work as long as we keeping getting the rain and Kansas stays green. Ah, how refreshing it's been! 

I've picked Swiss Chard twice already and it could probably be picked again today. That stuff grows great! 

And look at how thick and luscious my peas look! We didn't have any peas grow last year, I'm soooo excited!! 

I'm not sure how many inches of water we've received this spring, maybe 5-6 if I had to guess off the top of my head. I know that sure doesn't sound like a whole lot, especially to everyone back home in Indiana, but after last summer's drought and hardly any rain for a whole year 5 or 6 inches is practically a flood! I just keep praying that the rain keeps coming even if it's only a little bit at a time. A little is sure better than nothing. My photos prove a little rain is FAR better than no rain at all! 


  1. Great looking garden! Mine has gone back to nature this year. It's just gong to be too crazy to try and keep up with it. It's a huge guilt trip either way for me, but at least I don't have to look at a "garden gone wild" this year. We are going to Minnesota for a fishing trip in June, just the girls and I, and I think that was the final nail in my garden's coffin. I'm just going to rely on the kindness of friends and relatives when I want some tomatoes or zucchini. Everyone wants to get rid of those at some point right?

    1. Ha, ha! Yes everyone wants to get rid of tomatoes and zucchs eventually...and okra! Have a wonderful trip to Minnesota and a great summer with your girls :)


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