Monday, May 7, 2012

Marker Monday - Glittery Pop Bottle Bracelet

What little girl, or big girl, couldn't use a bit more bling in her life? 
Yahoo and I made up some glittery bracelets from pop bottles. 

I cut some strips of of plastic from a 7Up bottle and taped it down on a piece of cardboard. Then we used some glittery puffy paint to add designs. 

The puffy paint dried really quickly in just a couple of hours. 

Yahoo was taking a nap so I had to model our gorgeous new jewelry! Ha, ha! 
I had a piece of self stick velcro to the bracelet for a perfect fit. 


  1. Fun idea! It wouldn't matter if they got wet either!

    1. That's right! I never thought of that but yes, it's the perfect jewelry for the pool :P


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