Friday, May 25, 2012

Foody Friday - Kale Chips

For a couple years now I've come across different articles here and there expounding on the healthiness of kale and how people should eat more kale, eat more KALE, EAT MORE KALE!!! (I've stumbled on a LOT of articles on kale.)

Alright already, I'll eat more kale!! Thus the decision to plant kale in my garden this year. I've never eaten kale before but it sure looked pretty with it's bright, sturdy, green leaves. 

"This will be great in salad!", I thought to myself. 

Then I tasted it. Ugh!! Kale is bitter!! It would take a LOT of salad dressing to cover up that taste! I seriously contemplated digging it all up...that's how bad raw kale is. I decided to give kale one more try and Googled some kale recipes to get some ideas and I kept getting results for kale chips. It was easy enough, why not try it? 

I set my oven to 350 degrees. While it was heating I heaped up kale on a round pan, as much as I could get piled on it. Then I drizzled olive oil and salt on top and put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. 

When the leaves were getting crispy and brown I pulled them out. The leaves shrunk tremendously! I let them cool slightly, only a minute or so and then I tried them. 

Before I tasted them I couldn't imagine that they'd taste at all good, and was ready to pitch the whole batch, considering how bad kale tasted raw but I was pleasantly surprised! 

Kale chips are fabulous! They are lot like roasted cabbage but crispier. The flavor was great too with the olive oil and salt I could fake myself into thinking I was eating very light potato chips. 

Alright Kale. You are safe in my garden, I won't dig you up. 

But....can you grown any faster please? 

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