Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buster the Backseat Beaver Book Review

Before I was married and became a stay at home mom I was an art teacher. I taught middle school art in fact for five years and loved it! I know,most people thought I was crazy teaching 11,12, and13 year old's but I always enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm, and yes even the sarcasm of middle school students. 

Of course all of my students are now in their twenties and some I have been lucky enough to meet up with again on Facebook. It's been really neat to see these students get married, have children and grow in their careers. One of my students has been getting very creative lately!! My former student Stuart Troxel has songs for sale on iTunes and has published a children's book; Buster the Backseat Beaver. (Watch out Ree Drummond!) 

Ha! I love how on the bottom of the cover Stuart's added his age after his name and really the title of the book was enough to pique my interest despite being written by one of my students. 

Every page is written in a similar pattern; 

see buster
see buster take a bath
buster takes a bath in outer space in a little town called the moon 

I enjoy the text because even beginner readers can read the start of the page and parents can get a kick out of the end of the page. Who wouldn't laugh at

"buster applies for a small business loan because he wants to open his own financial planning and screen door installation company"

I just love the illustrations too. Didn't he do a great job! They are big, bright and attractive to kids. The thing that I really like about Stuart's book is that his personality really shines through in the pictures and words. He always had a unique and quirky sense of humor! 

See this guy at the back of the theater? His face is hidden in the book four times. What's funny is that this guy, Justin, was another of my students. 

Way to go Stuart! I'm really proud that you've worked so hard and shared your creativity with others. It's a great book and I'm looking forward to more adventures of Buster the Backseat Beaver. 

You can find your own copy of Buster the Backseat Beaver at where you can also publish your own books. 


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