Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Wheelbarrow

I love my mom. (duh)

But I'm especially thankful for her sending me this photo. I was complaining on Facebook the other day how homesick I was for Indiana leaves so she stepped out the back door and snapped this to send me. 

At least she wasn't as cruel as to box up fall leaves and actually send them to me. Mom did that to Mountain Man a couple years ago. That sure didn't help his homesickness!

Although I love the leaves I was happy to see the wheelbarrow. This belonged to Grandpa, I don't know how old it is, and I grew up hauling load after load of wood from the barnyard to the house for our wood burning stove. In the summer it wasn't stored away. No, this was the most comfortable lawn chair we had. It reclines at the perfect angle with the handles as feet rests. 

What you see here is actually the second wheelbarrow. When I was growing up the wood was rotting and falling apart and when my younger brother was a teenager he replaced all the wood parts and kept the metal fixtures. It's still great. 

Too bad I can't steal it and haul it back to Kansas with me. 
I could use a really comfortable chair on my front porch. 


  1. that is so sweet your mom sent leaves and i have a feeling i'll understand what you're feeling soon. living here in virginia, there a lot of trees around me and they're all orange, red and yellow. its so beautiful. however, i'm moving to the even deeper south next year and i'm in a panic at the thought of no more real autumn!

  2. I love this post! It got me to thinking about what I miss about Indiana. But I realized what I really miss is my "home" where my parents are. I miss standing in front of the house and feeling the wind blow up the hill...I miss the far off bleat? of goats...I miss the smell of motor oil in the barn...and the rumble of vehicles over the cattle guards. Man I miss home!


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